Get Ready to Stay Warm with Minnetonka!

No Two Pairs are the same! Each shoe is made by hand.

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Minnetonka products are expertly hand-crafted using only the finest materials such as premium deerskin and moosehide. Each and every detail is a tribute to our roots in traditional moccasin footwear with authentic accents like fringe, beading and embroidery. The result is footwear with an enduring and distinctive style that is constructed to stand the test of time.



The Minnetonka Story:However the world changes, from its major historical moments to its trends and styles, generation after generation finds their way to Minnetonka. People will always be in search of something unique and comfortable and real. And they’ll always find it here.


The Next Generation Classic

-Our favorite cozy styles have been updated with a new refines construction, a more durable suede upper and the same ultra soft sheepskin lining.


Boot with Fringe

-Originally introduced in 1967, this unique style continues to be a top choice for influential fashion leaders and trendsetters.


Cultural Influence

The western trend became popular in the 1980s in Europe based on a fascination with American culture and western styles. The trend caught on in the U.S., leading to the Urban Cowboy fad and propelling Minnetonka to the forefront of fashion as a must-have item.




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